Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Here we go

Hello to all,

Being that this is my first post I would take a guess that I am the only reading this. A quick introduction and then away we go. I love the Architecture of Richard Meier. I think he is America’s greatest living architect, and maybe when the dust settles the greatest in our history( Sorry to all the Wright and Gehry fans out there). So obviously I studied him throughout Architecture school and I quickly became frustrated with the lack of 3d modeling of his buildings in Google Warehouse or on the internet. At the same time I also discovered the awesomeness of Revit and started using it in my design studios. So obvious I thought combining the two would make a great blog. In doing this blog I wanted to accomplish two things, so here is my mission statement

Why do this?
Well in my case practice makes perfect, and in every Revit project there is something totally unique to that project. So by doing is best way to become as proficient as possible.

What I hope to get from this blog? 
I hope to learn something new with ever post, not only by doing, but from the experience of others. So I hope to learn just as much from comments.

So with that said the first project that I am going to build in Revit is the Smith House.

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