Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Smith House Post Two Grid Lines

 “The power of the grid is to lift the designer outside of the protective capriciousness of the "self" by providing an existing set of possibilities, a set of rules.
Ellen Lupton

   Hello again, and welcome to Part Two of Richard Meier’s Smith House. As you can guess from title and the quote above we are going to be discussing Grid Lines in this post.  Grids Lines are used in a variety of ways in Revit, and are a great tool for controlling the geometry of your projects. A couple of ways that you can use Grid Lines in a project: 1) You can create a structural layout for columns, which the columns snap to at the intersections of the Grids. 2) You can create a grid for place light fixtures on a ceiling plan.

In this project, we need to lay out a grid over the image so that we can lay out the four columns for the public side of the house. I went ahead and placed the Grid Lines in the view so that I could spend some time getting into greater detail about Grid Lines and how to control their placement, and their styles options.  

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  1. Philip Chan from LinkedIn group Revit Users added a great comment saying that he would not use the grid line for lighting layout or anything else other than for the columns/structure related reference. Use reference plane instead (1st they won't print, and they work pretty much like grid). Great tip Philip