Thursday, May 26, 2011

Smith House Post Three: Fire Place Extrusion Model

Smith House Model

Hello again, as you can see I have a gotten a lot done on the Smith House this week. In this third post for the Smith House I thought I would focus on the fireplace. The fireplace of the Smith House sits prominently on the southeast side of the house. The fireplace sits boldly on the outside of the house and rises above the main roof. The Fire Place acts as a sculptural piece that provides the house with an external focal point.

In plan it sits directly opposite to the entry and acts as a terminus to the entrance. The fireplace seems to have been pulled from the solid balloon structure of the private side, and the dense painted brick fireplace pushes all the way to the outside through a tight frame of mullions. Meier uses the fireplace to create a dialog for old material versus new material. The dense brick acts as a counter point to the glass and steel facade, thus creating a dialog between the two sides of the house and also ties the public side back to the private side.

The tutorial video is how I modeled the fireplace by using a generic model family template. Then using reference planes I created parameters that controls the extrusions and extrusions void. So I hope the video is helpful and thank you so much for visiting my blog, and GO MAVS!!!

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